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  • SEMISTACK Classics

    SEMISTACK CLASSICS is a family of ready-to-use stacks with more than 100 different articles available in four different configurations: 3-phase controlled rectifier, 3-phase half-controlled rectifier, 3-phase uncontrolled rectifier and 3-phase reverse parallel thyristor converter. The power range of these products vary from 60 kW to 2690 kW and the current range is from 67 A to 4015 A. All the stacks include RC snubbers and there are versions with natural cooling, forced air cooling and the option to have them also with protection fuses.


    The Semiteach IGBT is an innovative new system for teaching power electronics. It demonstrates many applications of power electronics, such as single and threephase motors, DC current motors, uninterruptible power supplies and active filters.