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Superfast NPT-IGBT Modules

VCES 600 V
IC 75 A
Número de Artículo: 22890050
Peso neto unitario: 0.16 Kilos
Número de tarifa: 85412900
País de origen: Eslovaquia
Fabricante: SEMIKRON
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Disponible 20 Unidad(es)

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IVA y Envío no incluido
  • UnidadesPrecio
  • 1+ 44,92 € IVA no incl.
  • 16+ 34,43 € IVA no incl.
Más Precios
  • N channel, homogeneous Si-structure (NPT-Non punch-through IGBT)
  • Low tail current with low temperature dependence
  • High short circuit capability, self limiting if term. G is clamped to E
  • Pos. temp.-coeff. of VCEsat
  • Very low Cies, Coes, Cres
  • Latch-up free
  • Fast & soft inverse CAL diodes
  • Isolated copper baseplate using DBC Direct Copper Bonding Technology without hard mould
  • Large clearance (10 mm) and creepage distances (20 mm)

not recommended for new design

  • Switching (not for linear use)
  • Switched mode power supplies
  • UPS
  • Three phase inverters for servo / AC motor speed control
  • Pulse frequencies also > 10kHz

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